Risk assessment for circus workshops

 Possible Hazard Who may be harmed and how? Preventative measures Notes
 Unloading Van Unloaders could get fingers pinched Wear gloves Gloves in front of van
 Equipment left on floor Participants could trip and fall over equipment Regular tidying up of equipment. In organised classes tidiness explained at start.
 Equipment not used correctly Participants could injure themselves in extreme cases. Walk round giving guidance on how to use equipment. Correct use of equipment explained at start of organised classes
 Starts to rain Participants could slip on equipment Tarpaulins used to cover tightrope + trampolines For outside events have van close by. 
 Gets windy Gazebo could blow away Take gazebo based on forecast weather conditions. Secure thoroughly. 


Risk assessment for balloon modelling workshops 

 Possible Hazard Who may be harmed and how?  Preventative measuresNotes 
 Latex allergy Participants if they are allergic Ask beforehand if anyone has latex allergy. 


Public Liability Insurance


I am a member of Equity which gives public liability insurance of £10,000,000.

I can email a copy of certificate upon request.