Special Needs a Speciality!

Circus Workshops 


I regularly give workshops to all sorts of special needs kids in schools and on playschemes.


EBD type kids 'behave' in a perfect fashion whilst engaged in a variety of skill learning.

SLD type kids find the unusual range of equipment makes physical activity a whole lot of fun.

Autistic kids are 'switched on'. They are intrigued by how everything works.


Clown costumes allow a colourful record of proceedings ...


 "The staff have enjoyed it as much as the kids!" is the line I keep hearing.


 Cost from £150.


Magic & Balloon Modelling Workshops


Can be a classroom based activity. 

Pupils will get the skills to perform at community events.

Coordination skills improved as a result of practising & performing these skills.

Balloon dogs, giraffes, elephants and flying mice are all easy to make.

The two little dickie birds magic trick is a great favourite and easy to teach. 

Lessons interspersed with unexplained tricks to give them something to talk about later.

I used to entertain with my balloon modelling at university balls all around the country.

Cost £100 a day.