Circus Parties

 For an unusual Birthday Party consider a circus party. 

Circus Parties start with a show. How to use all the novelty items is explained next. Then all join in to complete first hour. After a typical 20 minute break for tea it's back on all the equipment. Balloon modelling as a bonus after tea.

Novelty items to ride on include didicars, minibikes, ezyrollers, gymspins and rebound rollers. The tightrope is very popular too(thick rope - low to ground). Older children greatly enjoy the stiltwalking. Clown clothes to dress up in make for lovely photographs. See pictures in 'Circus topic' section too.


All in all a great 2 hour activity based circus party.

Special needs welcome. Did a circus party for one severe learning difficulty girl. Doesn't seem to speak but somehow communicated to her parents how much she enjoyed the circus day at her special school.





Circus Birthday Party comments:

Thank you email for party held on 26th May 2019 - Carla 40yrs!

Hi Kevin

Thank you so much for your services yesterday. The children were fully occupied and entertained and you completely broke the ice for children of various ages who did not necessarily know each other. People didn't stop talking about how good you were.
Many thanks

Thank you email for party held on 23rd February 2019 - Caitlyn 5 yrs

Hi Kevin 

Just wanted to write and say a big thank you for all your efforts at Caitlyn's party on Saturday. She had a wonderful time, as did all of her friends! You have a fabulous selection of equipment and many parents commented on what a wonderful party it was. I think they would have all slept soundly that evening!

Thanks again,



Thank you email for party held on 18th January 2014 - Victoria 5 yrs

 Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for giving our daughter the best party ever! I must say I felt I was taking a risk when I booked you. I found you from the internet and never been to any circus party before but I just thought I wanted to give my daughter a party that is a bit different. I'm so glad I took that 'risk'. The energy in that room that afternoon was unbelievable. I have never been to a kids' party where every kid was happy especially considering we had 26 kids there that was amazing. No kids wanted to leave that day and one asked if she could come back the next day.

Well, today one of my daughter's classmate who came to the party gave my daughter a card. I was surprised to find out that it was actually a Thank You card to my daughter to say that he really enjoyed the circus party. I've never come across this before, kids invited to party writing to us to say thank you for a lovely party!

So a big thank you again for a wonderful party and for coming an hour earlier to set up. We will see what kind of things our daughter will like next year but at the moment, I'm thinking of asking you again next year.

Take care.


Thank you email for party held on 12th January 2013 - Ella 6 yrs

 Hi Kevin,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful 6th birthday party you put on for my daughter Ella (12th January). The children and parents that came are still thanking me for it and saying what a fantastic party it was; in fact the best one they have been to so far!

I still can't believe how much fun my dad had - he never gets involved in parties so seeing him on the mini bikes was hilarious and a memory I wont forget (or him!). In fact it's his 65th birthday in October to may look to do a party or something for him?!

I have passed on your business cards to various people and my school and sang your praises.

Hopefully we will see you again




Thank you email for party held on 22nd April 2012 - Madeleine 5 yrs

Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with Madeleine's circus party last Sunday. It's very difficult to find something different and it felt a bit of a risk booking something 'cold' from the internet. However, I couldn't have been more delighted with the party and it more than lived up to expectation. I really appreciate that you came an hour early to set up all your equipment properly before the children arrived and stayed late since the children wouldn't leave on time! (I did try to finish the party by going round with party bags, but the children wouldn't take them, saying they weren't ready to go home yet!)

I've had lots of parents comment on what a successful party it was and how much their children enjoyed it.

So, thanks again,

Best wishes, Susannah

Thank you note for party held on 1st May 2011 - Jonathon 3 yrs

Dear Kevin,

It's been more than a month now since that most enjoyable birthday bash my son had with your circus. I have been meaning to write to you since 02 May. I can't thank you enough. I'm sorry this is so late.

I thought Jonathan and his friends were too young to remember but every time I see them, they can't help mentioning Jonathan's party. Jonathan always points to the church whenever we pass it saying: "That's where I had my party!". The parents thanked me and told me how much their children enjoyed themselves. Our pictures show they too enjoyed themselves. So did I. It brought out the child in me. Thank you so much.

I hope you'll carry on making lots of children happy in the years to come.

Best regards,


Thank you note from party held on 6th December 2010 - Thomas 6 yrs

Hi Kevin

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for entertaining the marauding hordes at Thomas's party last Sunday! I couldn't get over how completely enthralled they all were with your show and they all LOVED whizzing around on the fabulous ride-ons you brought.

It's a bit risky booking an entertainer simply from a google search rather than personal recommendation but I like to find new ideas for parties as the children get invited to so many it can get a bit repetitive. You were well worth the risk and I've been singing your praises ever since! I think one or two other parents are considering booking you for their own parties.

Thomas certainly had a fantastic time and I heard him musing later that "maybe I could have a circus party again for my 7th birthday..." so we might see you again next year!

Many thanks again.

Kind regards


From an email re party 1st August 2009 ... One 2 year old is evidently a fan!

"My son recently attended Oscar's birthday party in Kenilworth and hasn't stopped talking about it yet! His 3rd birthday is coming up and I wondered about your availability."




Halls for circus parties


Church halls, Community halls, Scout huts are regular venues

A decent sized hall helps for a good circus birthday party.

Halls need to be booked for 4 hours (need an hour setting up and an hour taking down time)

I shall start to list good halls here ...(Project beginning 9th September 2012)

Olton Friary, Solihull - Circus Party 10/11/13
Suitable venue - long + a little narrow at 7 clown paces.

Claines Church Hall, Worcestershire - Circus Party 9/11/13

Hall just big enough. Stage area for dressing up. 9 clown paces by 14 clown paces.

Selly Oak Methodist Church Hall, Birmingham - Playscheme 28/8/13
Perfect hall for party. Stage area can be used as dressing up area. 12 clown paces by 15 clown paces. Wooden floor.

Parochial Hall, Kenilworth - Twin's club party 20/7/13

Great venue - wooden floor. Outside area too. Lawn + patio.

St Germain's Church Hall, Edgbaston - circus party 28/6/13

Lovely venue - 12 clown paces by 19 clown paces. Wooden floor.
Dickens Heath Village Hall, Solihull - circus party 10/2/13
Great local venue - 12 clown paces by 19 clown paces. Wooden floor.
Berkswell Reading Rooms, (actually a hall), Warwickshire - circus party 3/3/13
Suitable hall - 16 clown paces by 8 clown paces plus adjoining 7 clown paces by 5 clown paces. Great stage area for dressing up.
Crabtree Fields Scout Hut, Harpenden - party 22/9/12.
A wonderful venue - a hundred miles away!
Abberley Village Hall, Worcestershire - party 21/10/12
Great venue, separate birthday tea room. Lovely wooden floor.
Fairfield Village Hall, Worcestershire - party 23/3/13
Nice hall - forgotten dimensions!
Weobley Village Hall, Herefordshire - party 8/2/13
Great venue - 10 clown paces by 22 clown paces. Wooden floor.
Woodlands Park Hall, Bournville - party 3/11/12
Suitable for parties of up to 20 children. A bit on the small side.
Claverdon Church Centre, Warwickshire - party 18/11/12
Great venue -12 clown paces by 16 clown paces(my stride length!)
St John's Church Hall, Walmley - party 1/12/12
Good venue. 8 clown paces by 16 clown paces. Separate tea room.
Stoneleigh Village Hall, Warwickshire - party 9/12/12
Too small a venue realistically - 8 clown paces by 12 clown paces
Moira Village Hall, Leicestershire - party 16/12/12
Good venue - 10 clown paces by 16 clown paces + great stage area for dressing up.
St John's Church Hall in Kenilworth was the venue for 'Oscars' circus birthday parties in 2009 and 2011.
St Francis Church Centre, Bournville has been a venue. Must revisit to remind myself how big it is.
Dame Elizabeth Hall, Bournville - party 12/5/13
Useful local venue. 7 clown paces by 14 clown paces. Separate tea room. Stage area for dressing up.
Perry Hall Methodist Church Hall, Great Barr - party 11/5/13
Useful venue. 7 clown paces by 15 clown paces. Separate tea room.
Bentley Heath Community Hall
Has been a useful venue in the past - 8 clown paces by 14 clown paces

St Faith & St Laurence Church Hall, Harborne - past parties

Good Venue - 10 clown paces by 14 clown paces

 Dunchurch Village Hall, nr Rugby - past parties

Good venue - 8 clown paces by 20 clown paces - stage area for dressing up


Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall, Leigh Sinton, Malvern. I seem to remember this as a big hall, great for parties - the one for Thomas's circus party